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We are a born and raised German family and started our baking business in 2014 in Orlando/Florida.

Our passion for baking reflects in the quality of our products. Our German Bakers and Pastry Chefs pursue a strong emphasis on authenticity with our artisan made products. To keep the the old traditional recipes alive, we use imported flours as well as many other ingredients we need to import.

We strongly believe in healthy living which puts us in a market niche for using organic supplies. We don’t use, buttercream nor do we use preservatives and no -or very little sugar. Our cookies are made with real butter, no margarine or oils.

Besides our specialty German breads, Bavarian Pretzels, outstanding Pastries and Cakes, we offer Schnitzel, authentic German Potato Salad, Gourmet Chicken Salad and many other delectable Sandwich items.

Our Deli section has a great variety of German Sausages, Bratwurst, imported Schwarzwaelder Schinken (Black Forest Ham) as well as Bismarckhering and Rollmops, various German Cheeses. German Pickles and Mustards as well as our BACKHAUS Brand Coffee wich is roasted locally.

We specialize in Indoor/Outdoor Catering – Business or Private. Our Finger food and Pastry products are most appreciated at Office meetings or Partys and can be delivered.

We certainly appreciate the rewards we’ve received and thank the community and most of all our customers for the great success and voting the best Croissant in Orlando.

What makes The Backhaus unique is that every item is crafted in the traditional methods that were common to the trade before the modernization of factories and big box outlets.

Please inquire for Entertainment and our Live German Music.

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The Backhaus

Laying groundwork

History and name origin

In the ancient times, there were no stores,
shops and of course bakeries were unheard of.

The ordinary people cooked and baked in their own homes on open fires.

When the Roman Empire ruled over Europe in the 17th century,
baking inside private homes was no longer permitted,
due to fire hazards and extensive wood consumption.

Consequently every township built a baking facility for their community.
It was called “Backhaus” i.e.  baking house.

The wood fired ovens were lit up once a week and everybody was able to bring their cooking or baking items. This was commonly practiced over the last centuries however died of slowly when Bakeries evolved. Recently people discovered the beauty of the old tradition, the sharing of common interest, togetherness and most of all the taste of wood fired baked bread. Many Backhaus’ still exist are being restored and so the culture of backing in wood fired Backhaus’ is coming back again.

We work all the time to deliver the best or nothing